Respect the Heavens & Ancestors Inherit Ancestral Virtues Honour Your Ancestors

The Ancestral Hall was deeply embedded in Chinese culture during the ancient period and it had a vital role throughout 5000 years of glorious Chinese history. People at that time built memorial halls at their settlement and made offering to their late ancestors as to commemorate their legacy.

The 3 virtues of establishing ancestral memorial hall are:

1. Restore the four surnames of ancestry
2. It is spiritually connected to an authentic lineage
3. With the protection of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, create a massive energetic field

Master Zhang Bu Sheng, an inheritor of genuine Chinese traditional culture has vowed to set up an authentic Ancestral Prayer Hall.

You may set up a tablet for your past generations of ancestors at the Eternal Ancestral Memorial Hall where they listen to the Dharma and have a chance to be liberated to sages’ pure lands. This will eventually lead them towards their ultimate liberation and out from the sea of sufferings. This is truly an act of filial piety from descendants. All the ancestors will then combine their forces to help us and our descendants, to bless us with auspiciousness, prosperity and smooth-sailing.

Ancestry worship means making offering to ‘You Jing’ spirit of prayer’s parent, ‘You Jing’ of parent’s parents as well as the ‘You Jing’ of the entire ancestry. Unlike the usual food offering at home, ancestral prayer hall provides 8 offering items daily such as food, water, flowers, incense and lamp. On top of that, sutras chanting on spirit liberation will also be played for 24 hours each day.

Note: When you set up a tablet at our Ancestral Prayer Hall, we will provide three tablets of the same type. The tablet will be placed at the Ancestral Prayer Hall, another tablet is for you to bring home and the reserved one will be kept in the Ancestral Prayer Hall for use on the Ancestral Prayer Ceremony.
The current Ancestral Prayer Hall has limited space hence the placement of tablets is restricted. First come first serve.
We welcome everyone to set up the ancestral tablet for your ancestors to repay their kindness.

Respect the Heavens & Ancestors
Inheritance of Ancestral Virtues
Honour Your Ancestors

During the Song dynasty, a scholar named Zhang Heng Ju orated, “submit one’s mind to heaven and earth, submit one’s embodied purpose for humanity, submit to constant erudition for one’s divinisation, submit oneself for the future generations’ peace and harmony.”

In order to exert the effect of ancestral worshipping, we need to standardize the inheritance of filial piety by establishing righteous understanding and mindset of the public.

With the guidance of Master Zhang Bu Sheng, OOSS has established “Eternal Familial Memorial Hall” specifically for the filial descendants around the world.

At out memorial hall, you may purchase tablets for reverence of your ancestors and to carry out the rightful offering rituals to them.

The memorial hall will constantly provide 8 offering items daily including food, water, flowers, incense, candles and additionally, sacred prayers, scriptures, mantras, texts, chants will be running constantly 24 hours a day.

“4 Ancestral Prayers Per Year”: Our memorial hall will conduct 5 days’ prayers for 4 surnames during Qing Ming, Zhong Yuan, Chong Yang and Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) periods. Tablet owners at the memorial hall are entitled to 20% discount for “Tao” seats and “Virtues” zone during these prayers!

You will receive 3 tablets after your purchase, one to be placed in the memorial hall; one to be placed in your home and one during the “4 Ancestral Prayers Per Year” .

In lieu of your ancestors’ remembrance and continuous spiritual growth, it is a very opportune time indeed to purchase these tablets.

The advantages of OOSS Eternal Familial Memorial hall compared to ordinary memorial halls

  1. Performing prayers with food, incense and 8 offering items daily.
  2. The hall is a force field which enables the deceased souls to cultivate and enhance their energy level, which is beneficial to them, even if they have been reincarnated.
  3. The management of the memorial hall with daily prayers is assured of continuity with the ongoing apprenticeship training structure in place .
  4. If the subscriber is a cultivator, he/she could resonate with his/her ancestors, cleansing of a tiny dark spot on ancestral DNA will eliminate descendants’ huge karmic debt, similarly, a minor virtue of ancestors will become great blessing to the descendants too. The benefits of ancestral prayers are enormous!

Sharing by Miss Saw:

Do you still remember Liang Wei, an autism boy who writes poetry? Recently he was brought to the Memorial hall by his mother along with his grandmother and sister. The purpose of their visit was to select a suitable tablet placement for the old lady. During the process, Liang Wei was teased by his mother whether he wants to choose a place for himself. Surprisingly he agreed and he himself decided the position on the spot. The next day I received a text message from his mother saying that Liang Wei was smiling and grabbing her hand all the time on their way home yesterday. She wonders why was he so happy and I replied that maybe he already gaining ancestral blessing from the tablet placement which he had chosen. I believe that Liang Wei’s autistic is selective because he can really appreciate things which bring benefits to his spiritual advancement!

Teacher’s reply:

This is an issue of submission to spiritual needs or our subjective consciousness. All sentient beings possess Buddha-nature indeed! Our perceptions against matters may not be true after all!

Student’s question:

Dear teacher, I had subscribed a tablet in B Zone for my late father who had passed away 30 years ago, I felt happy and relieve after all the procedure had been done. Furthermore, when I was irritated by my children, I did not feel sad like I used to be previously. Why is that so?

Teacher’s reply:
Every individual do carry some information inherited from his ancestors – the holographic theory states that when our ancestors are happy, so do we.

Student’s sharing:
It is amazing! You won’t believe it until you have experienced yourself!

Teacher’s reply:
Faith is important! You will only practice if you have faith in it. Immerse yourself during the process, then you will definitely experience the remarkable effect! Therefore, faith is vital!

Student’s sharing:
I totally agree with teacher!

Sharing by Kim Yong:
I agree with teacher. I had the good feeling too because my mother and I were happy after I had subscribed a tablet for my late father.

Sharing by Emerald:
The pain of my shoulder eased on the night I subscribed the 9 level of ancestor’s tablets. I am very happy now.

Sharing by Chin Wei:
I recalled that I had an insight to visit OOSS centre on the night of my birthday. At the centre, I asked Miss Saw and Teacher why was that so and Teacher replied that my insight was asking me to subscribe an ancestral tablet with teacher’s assistance. Of course, I signed up immediately on that night.

Sharing by Mui Kian:
The experience is really amazing and everybody may feel differently! I dreamt that my family members attended a funeral service which was different from the contemporary one. Every one was wearing black robe inside and white long gauze at the outside. Teacher said that I was dreaming about the commencing ceremony of memorial hall in the spiritual world. I also recalled that my late father looked back and kept reminding me of two Chinese characters, which were “loyalty” and “righteousness” in my dream.

Sharing by a student:
Dear teacher, a friend of mine who has placed his late brother’s tablet in the hall had dreamed that his late brother swallowed 3 internal organs after he had kneaded them into a ball on a table. The fact was his late brother had undergone several organs excision operations before he passed away. I told him that this was because his brother wanted to reclaim back all his organs.

Teacher’s reply:
The light force will only be effective when it is attached on physical organs. Once these organs had been excised, the light force has no places to be attached to and hence it disperses easily, causing incomplete information and jeopardizing the health of next life. I always emphasize that OOSS Memorial hall is different from others, in that we provide opportunity to the deceased souls a place of cultivation, which was proven in this case! For family who can afford, I strongly recommend them to place tablets of their ancestors and decease relatives here thus enabling them to cultivate, and be relieved from the Samsara cycle and gain eternal life! If you have ancestral tablet placed at somewhere else already, try to subscribe another one here for the outcome will be different. At the same time, I urge devotees who have tablets placed in OOSS memorial hall to please share your feeling and experience because these are true virtue and they will inspire others!

Sharing by Lim Yok Wee
I discovered a tablet which belong to my late elder sister who passed away more than 50 years ago when Miss Saw passed all the tablets to me this morning. I was sad when I saw her name because nobody ever did prayers to her due to her early passing which was just 40 days after birth. At that time, my parents did intent to set up any tombstone hoping that she would be reborn quickly. Furthermore, we couldn’t remember where she was buried exactly. Until recent years, a Taoist Master told me that he saw a soul of my kin wandering in house, demanding me to burn joss paper to her every day, for a duration of one year. I knew all the deceased relatives are around us but we just couldn’t see them. As her younger sister, I am glad that by placing a tablet for my sister in the memorial hall, I am able to do good to her finally after such a long time. I am very thankful to teacher for setting up familial memorial hall to allow us to perform prayers to deceased relatives, Moreover, he is a true teacher who is proficient in guiding us to carryout authentic and effective prayers. Thank you very much!

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