Why is there a need to pay homage to our deceased ancestors?

May 19, 2020

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There is a difference between paying homage to your ancestors and performing rituals to spiritually liberate the ancestors. Paying homage is an act of remembrance of the ancestors of both the father’s parents and the mother’s parents, and all the other ancestors up the family tree.

The typical familial memorial only offers food and beverage sustenance.

During a memorial Puja, in addition to offerings of food and beverage, there is an offering of life energy. Also, the ancestors are invited down to the scene of the Puja to take part in the cultivation session and resonate with the blessings that is bestowed by the various Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Sages to enrich their own life energies. They can benefit and enhance the density of their life energies and increase their personal capacities and become respectable figures of their own right.

Filial descendants, through the memorial pujas, will obtain blessings from their ancestors in return. Through the participation of the cultivation sessions, the ancestors will benefit through an accumulation of large amounts of dark matter and dark energies which will also be synchronously transferred to the filial descendants who made it all possible.

According to the law of mass-energy equivalence, energy can be converted into matter. By gaining such positive energies, participants will inevitably experience growth of material wealth in the world, improvements in health, career success, happiness of the family, etc. The benefits of the Puja sessions are truly immense!

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